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Salt Water Conversions DFW Metroplex – North Dallas Suburbs

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Elevate your pool experience with saltwater conversions by MY PRESTIGE POOLS in DFW Metroplex – North Dallas Suburbs.

Innovative Saltwater Conversions

Looking to kiss harsh chemicals goodbye and say hello to a softer, more natural swimming experience? Call MY PRESTIGE POOLS today, and we'll transform your pool into a refreshing oasis with innovative saltwater conversions.

By converting traditional chlorine pools to saltwater systems, our expert technicians will help you enjoy many benefits, such as better quality water, reduced skin and eye irritation, and simplified maintenance. 
Dedicated to our craft, we ensure a seamless conversion process, optimizing your pool's performance and enhancing enjoyment.

So are you ready to create a rejuvenating aquatic sanctuary in your backyard? Contact us today - we also provide pool and spa cleaning and maintenance, repairs and renovations, and leak detection.

Kiss harsh chemicals goodbye
Salt Water Conversions Wylie
Our Services
  • Pool & Spa Cleaning
  • Repairs & Renovations
  • Salt Water Conversions
  • Plumbing and Leak Detection
  • Pool & Spa Maintenance
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  • Integrity and Reliability at Their Best
  • Unsurpassed Attention to Detail
  • Impeccable Customer Satisfaction
  • High-Quality Craft
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 A Successful Saltwater Conversion Approach

At MY PRESTIGE POOLS in DFW Metroplex – North Dallas Suburbs, we follow a systematic approach to ensure a successful saltwater conversion for your pool. Here are the steps we take:

  • Assessment: Our experts assess the current state of your pool and determine its suitability for a saltwater system.
  • Equipment Selection: We help you choose the right saltwater system equipment that aligns with your pool's specifications and preferences.
  • Drain and Clean (Optional): We drain the pool, thoroughly clean the surfaces, and remove debris or contaminants.
  • Plumbing Modifications: We make necessary modifications to the plumbing system to accommodate the saltwater system.
  • Installation: Our technicians install the saltwater generator, salt cell, and related equipment, ensuring proper functioning and integration.
  • Balancing and Testing: We carefully balance the water chemistry, ensuring suitable salt and chemical levels for optimal performance.
  • Training and Maintenance: We provide instructions on maintaining the saltwater system and offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your pool in excellent condition.

With us, you can trust that each step is executed with precision and expertise, ensuring a seamless and successful saltwater conversion for your pool.

Executed with precision and expertise
Salt Water Conversions Texas